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(Russian) Контейнерные перевозки идут на убыль

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2014 Sep 16

(Russian) Решен вопрос о свободной торговле Вьетнамом

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2014 Sep 16

(Russian) Единая логистическая компания ТС не за горами

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2014 Sep 07

(Russian) Европа подсчитала потери от санкций

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2014 Sep 07

(Russian) Импортозамещение рыбной продукции: если бы не бюрократический саботаж…

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2014 Sep 01

Преимущества сотрудничества с «Unitrade Logistic»

«Unitrade Logistic» предлагает сотрудничество на взаимовыгодных условиях. Воспользовавшись нашими услугами, вы получите следующие преимущества:
  • выгодная ценовая политика. Большое разнообразие доступных тарифов и низкие цены на услуги помогут сэкономить ваши финансовые средства;
  • высокое качество услуг. Мы гарантируем, что ваш заказ будет доставлен в 100% сохранности и в точно назначенное время;
  • удобство. Простая форма заявки и разнообразие вариантов оплаты помогут вам совершить заказ быстро, удобно и без излишних хлопот;
  • контроль. «Личный кабинет» даёт возможность отслеживать и контролировать процесс доставки на всём её протяжении;
  • широкий спектр дополнительных услуг. Вы получаете доступ ко всему комплексу услуг по грузоперевозке, сертификации, таможенной очистке, логистике и пр.
«Unitrade Logistic» — это огромный опыт работы на рынке грузоперевозок и обширная сеть филиалов по всему миру. Обращайтесь, и вы обретёте стабильного, надёжного и честного партнёра!
Наши партнеры и клиенты — нам доверяют миллионы!

Delivery from China to Moscow, Kiev and Other Destinations

Cargo USSR 80 is an international logistic company engaged in worldwide transportation of any types of cargo. The name of the Company reflects our endeavors to promote development of industry and trade of the CIS countries by means of cargo delivery from many parts of the world. In addition to transportation from China, we also offer cargo carriage from Hong Kong, the USA, Canada, Turkey and other European and Asian countries. Our activities contribute to development of domestic production and flourishing of the states of the former USSR recovering a powerful economy comparing with that one of the eighties.

Our Company keeps up the best traditions of the Soviet Union – we always stay loyal to our customers holding the prices down and ensuring sustainable cooperation on mutually beneficial terms.

Together with our commitment to the appreciated moral values of the past, we recognize the importance of state-of-the-art technologies. This is the reason why we perform delivery from China to Russia and the CIS countries using technologies of international concern Unitrade Logistic being its structural part.

Global Delivery of Goods

We enjoy the benefits of wide network of warehouses and logistic centers, which allows us to transport the cargo in the quickest possible way. Our Company works with the large volumes of cargo which make it possible for us to keep the prices at the constant level and perform delivery to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine of any cargo starting from 1 kg weight. Booming Asian countries – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Korea – as well as European countries and the USA account for the largest goods traffic.

Cargo USSR 80 is engaged in freight traffic over 7 years; we have accumulated a vast experience and a number of effective competitive advantages:

•    flexibility – we carry out transportation of all types of cargo almost to any country;
•    favorable price policy – we have special discounts and special offers allowing to save money on big volumes of carriage;
•    complete approach and support to customers – we provide for advice, assist in choosing the quickest and the most money-saving route, eliminate customs and frontier formalities, ensure safety of the goods;
•    easy-to-navigate website where a customer can calculate transportation costs, get acquainted with the transportation terms and conditions, additional services and rates, choose form of payment.

Our Company makes delivery of your cargo from Hong Kong to Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and other cities of the CIS countries efficient. We are sure that you will appreciate all advantages of working with us the very first time.

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